For Web Design & Marketing Agencies

Working with Web design and marketing agencies is a huge part of our business.

We know what you’re looking for in a support writer, and we also know
these two things:

Hiring an outside writer is smart.

Working at a web design or marketing agency can be great fun or super depressing.

As a web designer, it’s great fun when you’re doing work you’re best suited to do. And it gets super depressing when your client/s don’t deliver the content they promised on time.

Or maybe you write some copy, but you’re not best suited to write for the alternative or natural health industry.

You may love working on content for financial advisor, mortgage brokers, and your local estate agent. But the thought of creating marketing for a chiropractor, dentist, or nutritionist suddenly has you feeling woozy…

“Worry not, my dear Watson” as Sherlock Holmes might say…

We're here to absorb you of all those worries.

I specialise in writing for the natural and alternative health industry, so yes, we can’t help you with every client you have unfortunately.

Good news! I can handle different types of copy: from long sales letters, website content, blog posts, email copy, Video Sales Letters (VSLs), landing pages, advertorials, Whitepapers (reports), Presell pages, Upsell pages, product descriptions, Press releases and more.

Do you need a writer that writes smooth compelling copy, works well with your team, needs no handholding and delivers within deadlines?

You’re in luck, I’m exactly that writer. In fact, that’s the nature of professional copywriting. Copywriters always collaborate with other creative professionals before the final work is delivered.

No more pulling your hair in worry. If you’ve got a project that needs the touch of a specialist alternative health copywriter/marketer or you just need an extra set of eyes to help you knock that campaign out of the park call or email today.