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Hello, I'm Donald - the Founder and Chief Copywriter here at NaturalHealthMarketer.com, here's a bit on how we got here...

It was my final year in secondary school. My GSCEs were in nine weeks, so class revisions were in full swing.At 11.15am on Tuesday, Ms. Martha's English class was underway; and we were working through a book called 'The Passport of Mallam Ilia'.

Ms Martha the bombshell - svelte, glowing bronze skin, and her innocent good looks that will melt the hearts of the most callous of men. As simple as a glancing smirk from her gave me 'happy butterflies'.

She called me up to read aloud to the entire class. This would be my first time reading aloud in class. So, the nerves kicked in, but I stood up and began:

"These were the days, when men… [ummm… errrrr…] were men, and women [long pause...] wo..men were taken by those who deee… deseerv… deserved them."

After a myriad of awkward pauses and stumbling on most of the words, my throat got parched and beads of cold sweat percolated on my forehead.To save everyone from suffering through my horrendous reading, and stop me embarrassing myself further, Ms. Martha commanded me to sit down. My seat mate Sandra read the rest of the passage without a single hitch. This only added to my humiliation. After the class, Ms. Martha stopped me outside the classroom. ​

Ms. Martha: "Mr Obii, I’m aware your performance in my class has been subpar for a while, but I’m shocked at how poor your reading is." I stood speechless as she continued.

Ms. Martha: "The GCSE is fast approaching and I'm confident in most of my students, but for you. I hoped you'll eke out a C, but after your reading today, I can't see you finishing your exam within the allotted time. So it will surprise me if you even got a D."

Me: "But, Ms Martha, I…" (I tried to say something in my defence, but words failed me.)

Ms. Martha: "I'll pray you at least score a D-, instead of a shameful F grade." With disgust in her eyes, she spun around and strode away. I stood at 6 ft 3 inches tall and weighed14 stones, but after her berating I shrunk to the size of a scorched peanut.

Crushed and on the verge of breakingdown... I held back my tears.Back home that night, I promised to excel in my English to prove Ms. Martha wrong. 

For the next nine weeks, I cut off social activities, and burned the midnight candle. Within days, I jump ahead of my class on revisions.

At night, I practiced reading aloud to myself. Noted new words and improved my reading speed in a few days.Better yet... my obsession to prove Ms Martha wrong had thought me life skills which helped define my career path. But, we'll get to that later. You'll also discover how my obsession can become an unfair advantage for your business.

With GSCEs now over, weeks went by with me contemplating whether I used the correct punctuation in my English essay. Or whether I should’ve chosen option C instead of D in the multiple choice section of my maths exam paper. It's too late to worry, because the moment of truth soon arrived.

Would My Hard Work Pay Off?

The D-Day for release of GSCE results soon arrived. I got to school determined to speak to no one until I’d seen my results. I headed straight for the Admin Office, saying a half-hearted hello to a group of friends, and waded through my classmates as I made my way forward to pick up my exam report. 

Somewhere to my left, a familiar voice called: “Hey Donald, Ms. Martha said you should see her once you arrived.” Without breaking a stride, I continued to the front.With a glance at my results, I wiped my eyes in disbelief. My grade for English didn't say 'D' or even 'C'… I Aced my English.

Full of confidence, I embarked on a voluntary hunt for Ms. Martha. On the first floor, I sighted Ms. Martha waltzing out of the library. With a coy smile, she offered me a handshake, and I obliged with a sense of entitlement.

“I’ve not been more proud for any of my students as I am for you, Mr. Obii,” she said.

“How did you do it?” she continued

Chomping at the bit to 'spill the beans' on how her harsh words inspired me... 

She interjected: “I want to understand what changed?”

Then, it hit me... I CHANGED.

At this point in my life, apart from little fairy-tale books I read as a child. I never read a novel from cover to cover outside my school curriculum. 

Ignite an immediate surge in your response rates, by using this proven technique...

While I practised reading aloud I stumbled upon my authentic writer's voice... 

It empowered me to write in a conversational way and lay out persuasive arguments without sounding obnoxious or 'salesy'.

Did you know you can boost your audience engagement... double, or triple the conversion rates of your sales pages and emails, by making your copy sound the way you talk 1-on-1 with a close friend?

This is known in direct response copywriting circles as the 'Barstool test'. Adapt your marketing messages to the 'Barstool test', and reap the rich rewards starting today.

Our Challenge = Your Solution 

  • The Challenge: After my embarrassing episode with Ms Martha, I challenged myself to get better in English within nine weeks and excel in my GCSE.
  • Solution: a multifaceted approach to improve my reading, speaking, and writing all in record time.

  • The Challenge: As a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant, my challenge is to help you sell more and grow your business in a systematized predictable way.

  • Solution: holistic modern direct response marketing consulting, proven copywriting, and automated marketing funnels to alternative health businesses.

Why do we serve the Natural Alternative Health Industry? 

In 2007, while at my London office I got news a dear relative got diagnosed with cancer. 

I immersed myself in research of alternative therapies after I read chemotherapy fails 97% of the time. But, I didn't find a solution quick enough, as she left us in March 2013.

All wasn’t lost... My research revealed alternative therapies had a high success rate in solving some of our deadliest modern day health concerns.

To my astonishment, I identified a trend of weak, thought-less, mediocre marketing being created for quality alternative health products.

Several promos I observed were downright boring and unconvincing. At a glance, I could tell they will struggle to grab the attention of our modern day over solicited buyers. 

No doubt at about it.

But that's only half of the problem... 

The promos had unsubstantiated claims, which I'm sure will be flagged as uncompliant by regulatory agencies, once they stumble upon them.

Making reckless claims while marketing health solutions can get you in deep legal troubles. You could even lose your entire business in extreme cases.

So, I decided to do something… And NaturalHealthMarketer.com became a reality.

Now, you no longer have an excuse for putting out boring, mediocre, and uncompliant marketing, which could land you in a boat load of trouble with the authorities.

What are your business goals? Do you need more sales, more traffic, more leads?

Or do you need to switch your entire marketing strategy?

Our business audit/discovery session will help get to the heart of it, with no trial and error or guesswork involved.

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